ICLEI Global Community for Towns, Cities and Provinces of Small Island States

“Through its Resilient Cities agenda, ICLEI mobilizes, guides and supports its members to assess risks, define resilience measures and embed such strategies into local development plans and processes” (ICLEI Seoul Plan 2015 –2021).

ICLEI has been working in Asia and the Pacific on resilience-building initiatives over the last 8 years, through partners such as The Rockefeller Foundation, UNISDR, GIZ, European Union and UN-Habitat. Recently, ICLEI Oceania has developed a Pacific Islands Climate Resilience approach, incorporating Disaster Risk Reduction, Low Emissions Development and Climate Resilience Building into island development planning. ICLEI has now established a Community, or voluntary grouping, of interested towns and provinces of small island states for information exchange and collaboration.

There is a clear need to strengthen city-level institutional and technical capacity in small islands. ICLEI is ideally placed to leverage existing city-to-city networks, technical assistance, and institutional partnerships in order to strengthen urban resilience in these small island states, with a focus on minimizing urban risks associated with natural hazard related shocks and stressors.

In recognition of our work with Pacific Islands – the largest grouping of islands globally – ICLEI Oceania is taking a lead role in coordinating the “ICLEI Global Community for Towns and Cities of Small Island States”. This community of interest supports small island states to build resilience to their greatest vulnerabilities, whether due to climate change, disasters, declining resources, population pressure or environmental degradation.

ICLEI invites other agencies, interested parties and potential partners to work together to help develop a comprehensive strategy, delivery and funding model, to extend assistance to all SIDS cities and towns.