Front-Line Cities and Islands

“Through its Resilient Cities agenda, ICLEI mobilizes, guides and supports its members to assess risks, define resilience measures and embed such strategies into local development plans and processes” (ICLEI Seoul Plan 2015 –2021).

ICLEI has been working in Asia and the Pacific on resilience-building initiatives over the last 8 years, through partners such as The Rockefeller Foundation, UNISDR, GIZ, European Union and UN-Habitat. Recently, ICLEI Oceania has developed a Pacific Islands Climate Resilience approach, incorporating Disaster Risk Reduction, Low Emissions Development and Climate Resilience Building into island development planning.

ICLEI has now joined forces with the Global Island Partnership to launch Front-Line Cities and Islands.  What is Front-Line?

Front-line cities and islands is a movement of mayors and leaders of island economies at the front-line of climate change impacts. Mayors and resilience leaders will work together to champion local action in urban areas to deliver scalable, integrated solutions to rapidly build resilience – on islands and globally (details next page).

Who are the partners?

Front-Line is being championed by ICLEI Local Governments for Sustainability and the Global Island Partnership, a coalition of international agencies working with islands to promote resilience and sustainable development.

What is needed now to turn Concept into Action?

Front-Line Cities and Islands was launched at the Climate Conference COP23 in Bonn, November 2017. It has been strongly endorsed by Fiji as COP Secretariat and has attracted many expressions of interest from potential partners. Next steps:

  1. Invite island cities to establish twinning relationships with other cities/regions to build a network of coastal municipalities
  2. Determine priority issues for resilience-building
  3. Develop joint work programs, share solutions and developing funding sources and innovative financing mechanisms

How can you participate?

This is urgent! Front-Line is committed to accelerating island resilience action without delay. We encourage you to consider how you can participate and to contact us to discuss. There are 3 ways to participate in Front-Line

  1. Island cities are invited to register interest in establishing a twinning relationship with another city/region
  2. Funders/donors/sponsors are invited to explore how Front-Line can progress your objectives in small islands and how you can provide funding support for island twinning activity and for coordination and advocacy
  3. Program partners are invited to explore how Front-Line is aligned with your program objectives and how your programs could be delivered through the Front-Line network and coalition


For further information on Front-Line go to the dedicated webpages at Link

To discuss your interest in participating in Front-Line please contact:

Steve Gawler, Regional Director ICLEI Oceania at

Kate Brown, Executive Director, Global Island Partnership at