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New ICLEI Pacific Islands Partnership Opportunity

ICLEI Oceania is increasing momentum in supporting Pacific Island towns and cities to become more resilient.  While some funding is available from international programs and agencies, it is only a drop in the ocean (Pacific of course!) compared to the actual need.  ICLEI now invites member councils and other partners to become financial contributors to enable us to expand our coverage.  Due to ICLEI’s status as a Charitable Institution, all contributions will be tax deductible.

Partner councils may select which island they would like to support, or may choose to contribute to the overall program.  All Partnership contributions will be quarantined for Pacific-only activity and an annual Pacific Activity Report provided to all contributors.

For an example of the urgency and opportunities for Australians to help, see

Please talk to Steve Gawler at if you would like to become a Pacific Islands Partner.


Honiara “Island Sun” Oct 2016

European Commission Honiara DRR initiative

To accelerate ongoing efforts, Honiara has been selected as one of twenty cities globally under a new initiative of the United Nations Office for Disaster Risk Reduction (UNISDR) funded by European Commission titled “Making cities sustainable and resilient: implementing the Sendai Framework for Disaster Risk Reduction 2015-30 at the local level”.

We are pleased to announce that ICLEI Oceania will be responsible for facilitating this project with the Mayor, councillors and administration of Honiara City Council.

ICLEI Global Call to Action for accelerated international support for SIDS urban development

As part of ICLEI’s commitment to support Towns and Cities of small islands to build greater resilience into their burgeoning urban settlements, ICLEI is launching a global advocacy strategy.  This strategy will be progressively refined during 2017 for formal launch at the UN Climate Conference COP23 which will be co-chaired by Fiji in Bonn in November.